Born this way, baby!

FINALLY came the day yesterday (couldn’t focus to blog there), when I could at long long long last hold Lady Gagas new album in my hands, and much better yet, actually listen to the whole thing 🙂

I must however admit, I was a little worried, I did not read any reviews about the album beforehand, simply because I wanted to be surprised. What worried me was that this is pretty much her second album (The Fame Monster is more like 1.5), and a follow up to the first fantastic album did set the bar pretty high, and although Gaga is amazing, its usually harder the second time around.

So how was it? Were my expectations met? Has she done it again?

There is no longer ANY bit of doubt left in my mind and heart, Gaga is here to stay! This album… Its fuckin’ amazing! Lady Gaga is without equal on the musical stage. Every single track on the album (and she treated us to 17 + a bonus disc with 6 remixes) simply makes me move and its hard to resist dancing along.

So which number is my favorite? Well kinda hard to say as I really love them all, but I admit that “Marry The Night”, “Hair” and “The Edge Of Glory” really gets to me 😉

And the girl herself is so generous with her fans, yesterday she spent 5 hours in the Best Buy of Times Square, signing autographs and posing for photos with fans along the release of the album, apparently she also felt so bad about the long wait she even made sure that the fans were not hungry and all got sandwiches from Subway.

Had it not been such a trouble visiting USA (compared to other countries were you just book a flight usually), that is something that would have made me pretty much drop anything so I could be there and met her.  Seeing the rest of New York had been secondary to being in this queue and meeting her.

“‎Do not allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded. Tell them to put on some sunglasses, cuz we were born this way bitch!”
— Lady Gaga

May the 17th. International Day against Homophobia…

A great day for equal rights for homosexual people, and all that support them, and I’ll add to this that I 100% support their struggle to have the same rights as straight people. As long as theres descrimination against them, the fight for rights should continue, and for just as long I’ll support it 100%

Ohh yeah in conjuration with this day I guess, Lady Gaga released a new single from the new album “Born This Way” called “Hair”. I personally hav’nt had a chance to listen to it, but I’m looking forward to it 🙂 That and the entire album.

And with Lady Gaga being mentioned with a new single I should probably mention that shes been an editor on todays version of Metroexpress from the London Headquarters, which is cordinated again with International Day Against Homophobia, so they had a lot of feature on her viewpoint on sexuality and the world situation for homosexual people. It was a very interesting read truely.

Also for people that wonder, YES I Love Lady Gaga, she’s simply amazing, wonderful and magical, since I first heard “Pokerface” shes been a great icon for me and I’ve followed her pretty well. Sadly I still have to see her live, but i hope the “Born This Way” worldtour will change that 🙂

Not really sure if this qualifies as news itself, but I just need to babble at least so somethings might be, some might not be.

UH UH UH first of… Manchester United won the Premier League just today ^^ Fantastic, after all their my team, now we just need to bring home the trophy from Wembley on the 28th. Thank you a lot.

Secondly, there was a new guest annouced for London Film & Comic Con (LFCC) just a few days ago. It started Wednesday with the announcement that an announcement was coming Thursday. The guest was described as “amazing” and “fantastic guest announcement for all you Sci-Fi fans” plus it was a first time signer.

It was revealed to be Karen Gillan… Now if you like me went “Who?” Then either you are right or confused. Apparently she is the current female lead in “Doctor Who”. I’m not a fan of the series, as I have never seen it. But I am very happy for the Who fans out there thats going to met her, as apparently a lot really were interested. And kudos to Showmasters for booking her, its really well done.

However, this is the part were I get a bit annoyed. The guest was described as amazing and fantastic, plus a treat for all Sci-Fi fans. Now those words i usually think of when its someone really big and possibly major actor. Something in the league of Christopher Lloyd thats attending the con. He alone is a legend for his portrayal as “Doc Brown” in “Back To The Future”, and he holds a résume that allows those words. Karen Gillian pretty much has 28 episodes of “Doctor Who” and a few episodes of a few different series, according to IMDb. Thats not what i consider amazing and fantastic, and not a something for all Sci-Fi fans.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for all the “Doctor Who” fans out there. They are very very lucky. All I am implying is that the pre-announcment should have been handled differently or not made at all. It made a lot of people think it was something a lot larger than somebody with such a short career. Somebody closer to “legend” status.

Now grumpy hat of.

Re-read “The Bro Code” the other day… Ohh how this book is simply fantastic (BTW: Girls its fictional, it doesn’t exist), such a book to live by and hold in higher regard than any religious/fictional work. The follow ups “Bro On The Go” and “The Playbook” are just as awesome, and I hold them dearest of all my books.

So whats this week?

Even though the week is still young, quite a few things have happened already:

First of my boss; the one in Gamestop; got a transfer to another store in his hometown. That means he doesn’t have to spend an hour each way each day for work, which is pretty neat. Sadly it also means that I wont see him very often anymore, as he is actually an awesome guy (Yes a store manager at Gamestop even can actually be awesome and be considered a friend, this isn’t America). But it also means that the manager position at our store had to be filled. This was given to none other than my best friend, which he have wanted for quite some time now, so big celebration is indeed in order 🙂

This also means we can go onwards with our plans of finding an apartment we can share, which is great. I am looking very much forward to that myself, and I’m sure he is to.

Secondly we had to turn in our project at school, our exam projects in media class. I had the fortune to be in a group with my brother and a girl called Kris, both of them are unlike many in the class pretty dependable and focused when we have important stuff ahead of us. For our project we choose to do a remake of the classic Charlie Chaplin “A Beautiful Sunday Morning”. Funny thing was our project began on Chaplins 138th birthday I think it was.

Our remake is not meant to be exactly the same, but have the overall idea of the first, in a more modern setting, with some of the classic tidbits here and there. Also we kept the music the same, and we filmed it in black & white and made it a silent film too. Overall, it received some pretty good feedback, and we will have to see how we fare if this turns out to be and exam class.

In the role of the angry boss is my brother, behind the camera Kris and in the role that Chaplin played, I star. 🙂

Link to the original first of, and then to our remake:

Let me know what you think ^^

Also, I’ve finally pulled myself together to start sorting out all my Pokémon cards, which is great… But dang it theres a good bunch. So far I’ve reached sorted out Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and currently working on Sinnoh. Trainers and energy cards were sorted out too. Once I’m done it will be good, the folders are going to be a blessing for my order. All i need now is to finish Sinnoh and Unova plus find some way to sort out all the coins, battlemats and stuff. Probably have to buy yet another folder for those. Just as a quick note, the Pokémons themselves I am sorting by their regional numbering ie. Bulbasaur 001, Ivysaur 002…

It helped a lot that I was watching quite a few episodes of the Indigo League/First Season of Pokémon while I was sorting. I’m only 14 episodes short of completing it now, and then moving on to the next season.

A good weekend

Indeed a great weekend;

Saturday we had 25% of everything (except consoles and games for them) at the Toy Store (BR-Toys), and of course i was at work for that, for thoose things usually turn out to be fun. Loads of customers and tons of toys going out of the store in a very short amount of time. Its great fun. And of course it was this weekend too. The 25% could be added to the employe discount I get in our chain too, so there were tons of savings for my nephew and niece who had to spend their birthday money.

I myself got 3 Pokémon dekcs that were marked down from 130 DKR to 50 DKR and then following the 25% discount. Couldn’t complain at all.

After work i took the train to go visit a mate that lives in a different town which was tons of fun. He had some old Playstations laying around that I got to take of his hands, and while we looked for thoose we found a grappeling hook. Ooh boy, wih him living a little out of town there were plenty of good trees. Now that was fun, and though the trees had some nasty hooks we didn’t get injured ( I know your disappointed).

Last but not least Manchester United beat Chelsea 2-1 and only needs 1 more point in the Premier League to win. GLORY GLORY!!!